West Hartford
Farmersí Market

Corner LaSalle Road & Arapahoe Road
West Hartford, CT 06107

June 5, 2021
thru December 18, 2021


From June 22, 2021
thru September 28, 2021




Welcome to the West Hartford Farmers' Market.

Who We Are.
The West Hartford Farmer's Market has been on the corner of LaSalle Road & Arapahoe Road since 1992.  We bring you the same core group of dedicated farmers who began this market in 1992. This offers you the security of knowing where your food comes from, who grew it, and local sustainability. You can feel secure in knowing you are dealing directly with the farmer who grows your food.

What We Do.
Normally, we would have many special programs scheduled for this season. However, because of the COVID-19 pandemic, we are supsending special programs at this time. We are still doing our best to bring you safe, fresh, vitamin packed fruits and vegetables, for healthy eating and a safe environment. We ask that you wear a mask to the market for the protection of yourself and our employees. Thank you for your loyal support!

Thanks to Our Community.
All of the farmers/vendors would like to extend their deepest gratitude to the Town of West Harford, Shari Cantor, Mayor, Renee McCue, Public Relations Specialist, John Phillips, Director of Public Works, West Hartford Chamber of Commerce, John Green of Lux, Bond & Green, local businesses, and our loyal customers for making this market truly exceptional community event!

Join Us!
Please join us for our 29th season in West Hartford!


Fresh strawberries at the West Hartford Farmer's Market  

Fresh scallions at the West Hartford Farmer's Market  

Fresh flowers at the West Hartford Farmer's Market

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West Hartford Farmers' Market
Intersection of LaSalle Road and Arapahoe Road • HARTFORD CT 06107 U.S.A.

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